Internship at Hektaş

Internship at Hektaş

As HEKTAŞ TRADE T.A.S.; We aim to determine the potential future human resources of our Company while supporting the development of the students and preparing them for business life with the internship opportunity we provide to high school and university students.

Vocational High School Internships

Vocational High School students can do full-time internships (from 08:00 to 17:30) every year from September to June, three days a week (Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday). For application, in March and April, schools close to our Gebze location are contacted; Students studying in departments such as Accounting, Foreign Trade, Information Technologies, Office Management, Chemical Technology are requested to be directed to our Company. Internship of eligible students is initiated within the quota.

Compulsory University Internships (Summer Term)

Students have the chance to learn many subjects closely during compulsory summer university internships, where the knowledge taught in the university is aimed at experiencing the theory in practice.
University internship applications are received online between February and May. Among the applications received, appropriate candidates are interviewed in accordance with the request and quota of the relevant department.

Required Documents for Compulsory Internship

Photo CV and current transcript are sufficient in the pre-application. After acceptance, the following documents are requested:

  • SSI employment declaration that the school has entered insurance
  • residence from e-government
  • Criminal record from e-government
  • Student certificate
  • Photocopy of ID