Nemacur 400 EC

Category : Fumigants and Nematicides

Product Group : Crop Protection

Active Ingredient : 400 g/L Fenamiphos

Formulation : EC (Emulsion concentrate)

Package : 1 lt.

Label Information  Safety Datasheet



It is a systemic nematode against root-knot nematodes and free-living nematodes in citrus, banana, vegetables. It is taken up by the roots when applied to the soil. It controls both external and internal parasitic nematodes.

Method of Application

Banana Gardens: The dose to hit each banana trough is diluted 20 times in a bucket with water, applied around the plant stem and watered from behind. Applications are repeated 3 times with an interval of 3 months.


1. In the circuit where the above-ground part has 3-4 leaves

2. At the time when the first banana comb is formed

3. It should be done at the time of fruit cluster formation.

Nemacur® 400 EC should be used only in one of the applications in order to prevent resistance that may be caused by nematodes, other sprayings should be done with other licensed nematode pesticides.

Citrus Gardens: Based on the green part projection of the tree, the amount of pesticide that will hit here is given to the soil surface around the tree, slightly hoeed and watered from behind. The application should be made in the spring when young shoots begin to appear.

Citrus Nursery: The required amount of pesticide is applied to the soil surface with a filter bucket. It is hoeed lightly, watered from behind. While citrus seedlings are being transplanted, they are dipped into the prepared mixture for 30 minutes.

Tomato: By measuring (calibration) the amount of water to go to a certain area is found. The amount of pesticide that will go to a certain area is calculated, mixed with this water and applied to the soil with a filter bucket. It is then mixed into the soil with a rotavator or other tillage tools; It is watered to allow the drug to penetrate 15-20 cm into the soil.

Other Informations

Miscibility: It cannot be mixed with other drugs.

Detailed Table Information

Nemacur 400 EC Citrus (In Gardens)
Citrus nematode (Helicotylenchus semipenetrans)
7,5 l/da 56 days
Nemacur 400 EC Citrus (In Nursery)
Citrus nematode (Helicotylenchus semipenetrans)
5 l/da 56 days
Nemacur 400 EC Banana
Spiral nematode (Helycotylenchus multicinctus)
7,5 lt/da 56 days
Nemacur 400 EC Banana
Root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)
7,5 lt/da 56 days
Nemacur 400 EC Tomato
Root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)
2,5 l/da 90 days