Cyperon %0.5

Cyperon %0.5

Category : Antiparasites

Product Group : Animal Health

Animal Type : Sheep-goat, calf-calf, heifer, cattle

Commercial Presentation: It is offered for sale in 500 ml scaled white colored high-density polyethylene coex bottles, unboxed.

Active Ingredient: 50 mg/ml Cypermethrin

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Method of Application

It is a clear, light yellow to dark yellow oily solution.


In cattle, sheep and goats, lice (Damalina bovis, Damalina ovis, Damalina caprae, Linognathus vituli), biting and irritating flies (eg Haemotobia irritans, Hydrotea irritans and Musca species) and ticks (Boophilus microplus, Ixodes spp., Hyalomma spp.) , Dermacentor sp., Rhipicephalus sp.).


Unless recommended otherwise by the veterinarian, the cap of the plastic bottle is opened, the bottle is slightly squeezed, and the solution is filled into the upper compartment. It is then applied by pouring it from the animal’s wither area to the coccyx. The pharmacological dose of cypermethrin is 0.5-5mg/kg body weight, considering cattle of different weights between 50-500 kg. Accordingly, Cyperon is administered in the following practical doses;

Animal Type Live Weight (kg) Fly Fighting Dose (ml) Tick Control (ml)
Sheep,goat, calf up to 50 kg 5
Sheep,goat, calf 50-100 kg 7,5 10
Veal, heifer, cattle less than 1 year old 100 – 300 kg 10 12,5
Cattle over 1 year old 300+ kg 12,5 15 ml

In sheep and goats, besides the application by pouring on the back, another method is to pour the drug into the non-fleece parts by drawing it into a syringe. A 5 ml syringe is sufficient for this.
In the fight against flies, a single application is made at the beginning of the fly season, and the application is repeated at intervals of 5-8 weeks.
One application is sufficient to combat lice. In heavy infestations, a second application can be made after 4 weeks.
It is recommended to apply every 4 weeks in the fight against ticks. In cases where there are very intense infestations, the frequency of application can be increased according to the recommendation of the veterinarian. During the application, the drug should not get into the eyes of the animals.

Additional information

Product Group

Animal Health

Animal Type

Calf, Cattle, Goat, Heifer, Sheep

Commercial Presentation

It is offered for sale in 500 ml scaled white colored high-density polyethylene coex bottles, unboxed.

Active Ingredient

50 mg/m l Cypermethrin

Live Weight (kg)

100-300 k g, 300+ k g, 50-100 k g, up to 50 k g

Fly Fighting Dosage (ml)

10 m l, 12,5 m l, 5 m l, 7,5 m l

Tick Control (ml)

10 m l, 12,5 m l, 15 m l