Break-Thru S 240

Break-Thru S 240

Category : Molluscisite and Others

Product Group : Plant Protection

Active Ingredient: 100% Polyether-Polymethylsiloxane-Copolymer

Packaging : 100 ml

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It reduces surface tension in liquids. Increases surface coverage. It increases adhesion and allows the drug to penetrate into the plant. It ensures that the surfaces that are difficult to get wet are more easily and completely wetted and covered with medicated water. It is not ionic.

Method of Application

If the pH value of the mixture is above 9 and below 5, the effect of the product may decrease. Optimal results are seen between pH 5 and pH 9. Mixtures prepared in these pH ranges should be used within 24 hours at the latest after mixing.

Fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, plant growth regulators 10 ml/ 100 l water
Herbicides 25 ml/100 l water
For aircraft applications and to use less water 50 ml/100 l water



Break-Thru is used with all kinds of drug mixtures for all plants. It can also be used alone for the purpose.

Additional information

Product Group

Plant Protection

Active Substance

100% Polyether_Polymethylsiloxane_Copolymer