Category : Insecticides

Product Group : Plant Protection

Active Ingredient: 100 g/l Pyriproxyfen

Formulation : EC (Emulsion concentrate)

Packaging : 500 ml

 Label Information



Muligan® is an insect growth regulator insecticide maintains its effect for 20-30 days. It is used to prevent larvae and nymph from reaching maturity, insects die during the molting process.

Method of Application

Against white peach scale of peach, the administration is made against first and second progenies. It is made as two applications as in emergence of the first larvae and 20 days after this emergence. It should be considered that some peach varieties correspond to the harvest period in the second progeny.

Against black scale on olive: The time of administration is detected according to emergence of active larvae, in the gardens where spraying will be made for this purpose, the eggs of that year placed on the shoots of 20-25 cm tall from four sides of the number of trees to represent the garden are inspected and emergence of active larvae from egg is detected. 1st administration is made in the period when 50% of the eggs are open, 2nd administration is made when 90% of them are open.

In tomato, pepper, eggplant and cucumber, the area detected to be contaminated with whitefly against tobacco whitefly is entered from the direction of diagonal. In every five steps, 50 leaves are collected from the lower, middle and upper leaves. When there are 5 larvae+pupa per leaf, chemical management is administered.

Other Informations

Compatibility: It can be mixed with many known fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers except products for alkaline properties. A test pre-mix is recommended before preparing the actual mixture with other pesticides.

Detailed Table Information

Name of the product Plant Name Pest Name Usage dose Time between last spraying and harvest
Muligan Olive
Black scale (Saissetia oleae)
50 ml/100 lt.water (larva) 14 days
Muligan Peach
White peach scale (Pseudaulacaspis pentagona)
50 ml/100 lt water (larva) 14 days
Muligan Eggplant
White fly (Bemisia tabaci)
50 ml/da (larva) 3 days
Muligan Cotton
White fly (Bemisia tabaci)
50 ml/da (larva) 28 days
Muligan Cucumber (Greenhouse)
White fly (Bemisia tabaci)
50 ml/100 lt. water (larva) 1 days
Muligan Tomato (greenhouse)
White fly (Bemisia tabaci)
50 ml/100 lt water(larva) 1 days
Muligan Pepper (Greenhouse)
White fly(Bemisia tabaci)
50 ml/100 lt water (larva) 3 days