Category : Insecticides

Product Group : Plant Protection

Active Ingredient: 120 g/l Indoxacarb + 12 g/l Beta-cyfluthrin

Formulation : Suspension Concentrate (SC)

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The plant protection product named HEKTAŞ BİAS® is an insecticide classified as Group 22A + 3A according to its mechanism of action.

Method of Application

The administration should be performed against hazelnut worm in hazelnut when more than 2 hazelnut worms are detected on the 10th of January during the controls performed in the period when the fruits reach the size of lentils.

Flower beds between 10-30 are selected against the nut green fitch depending on the size of the garden. Adults who fall by shaking on a cloth are counted. It is administered in gardens with one or more overwintered adults on the 10th of January. In gardens where nymphs are detected, administration should be made in the first half of July, when an average of 1 nymph is found per quarry.

Other Informations

It is recommended to make preliminary mixture tests before making a large amount of mixture for administration.

Detailed Table Information

Name of the product Plant Name Pest Name Usage dose Time between last spraying and harvest
Bias Hazelnut
Nut green fitch (Palomena prasina)
50 ml/100L su (nimf, ergin), 50 ml/da (nimf,ergin) 14 day
Bias Hazelnut
Nutworm (Curcilio nucum)
50 ml/da 14 day

Additional information

Active Substance

120 gram/l Indoxacarb + 12 g/l Beta-cyfluthrin

Product Group

Crop Protection

Plant Name


Name Of The Agency

Nut green fitch (Palomena prasina), Nutworm (Curcilio nucum)