YARAMİLA 20-10-0+(14SO3)+ME

YARAMİLA 20-10-0+(14SO3)+ME

Category: Others
Product Group: Plant Nutrition
Total Nitrogen (N): 20
Ammonium Nitrogen (N): 12
Water Soluble Phosphorus Penta Oxide (P2O5): 5
Water Soluble Sulfur Tri Oxide (SO3): 13
Total Sulfur Trioxide (SO3): 14
Total Zinc (Zn): 0.002
Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N): 8

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Method of Application

Usage Dosage and Form:Please consult the agricultural expert for the method and amount of use. Excluding application from grain and green soil.

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YaraMila 20-10-0+(14SO3)+ME

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Product Group

Plant Nutrition

Total Nitrogen (N)


Ammonium Nitrogen (N)


Water Soluble Phosphorus Penta Oxide (P2O5)


Water Soluble Sulfur Trioxide (SO3)


Total Sulfur Trioxide (SO3)


Total Zinc (Zn)


Nitrate Nitrogen(N)