Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC

Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC

Category : Insecticides

Product Group : Plant Protection

Active Ingredient: 100 g/l Alphacypermethrin

Formulation : EC (Emulsion concentrate)

Packaging : 1 lt.

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It is an insecticide with synthetic pyrethroides which has contact and stomach poison action. It controls a large portion of sucking and chewing insects. Even at low doses, it exerts its action by disrupting the nervous system of insects.

Method of Application

In apple codling moth management, sprayings are done according to a forecast and warning system. The aim of apple codling moth management is keeping the trees sprayed at the time of larva emergence in each generation and killing the larva before entering the fruit.

Apple ermine moth: In the 100 leaf bouquet that will represent the garden, spraying is made if there are 4 cluster of larvae that entered the epidermis or made the net.

Sunn pest: When the sunn pest falls down the fields, some counts and assessments are made in the fields. As a result of this, it is decided for chemical management.

Cereal weevil: Spraying is made 10 days after leaving the soil (Stem rising period).

Corn: The first spraying is done after the first eggs of the pest are seen, followed by 2nd and 3rd sprayings done at 15-day intervals.

Cotton bollworm in tomato: Treatment is immediately started if 5/100 plants are found to be contaminated.

Against hazelnut weevil, in the inspections made when the fruits come to lentil size, in case more than 2 hazelnut weevils are observed on more than 2 cells? out of 10, administration is made.

Olive fruit fly: Mature population is observed in McPhail traps and pheromone yellow sticky traps. In the dent inspections made in July- August when the number of matures caught in traps start to increase; when 1% of dents in brine varieties, 6-8% of dents in oil varieties are detected, poison feed partial branch administration or coated spraying should be made. In coated spraying; each sides of the trees are sprayed from inside to outside and from outside to inside. Care should be taken especially for getting the fruits wet during spraying.


Against wingless weevils, the vineyard areas where there are wingless weevils are kept under observation from the period when flower buds are separated (as of approximately mid-April) until the grains approach the size of peas. In the examinations carried out twice a week in the said period especially in the vineyards where the pest is seen one year ago, 5 vines (a total of 25 vines) are selected from five locations, from the four corners and the middle of the vineyard, with pest signs in fresh leaves and bunches, matures are sought in the soil under the shells on the vine trunks and in the soil near the roots. In at least one of the total 25 vines, the management begins when a sign of harmful or harm is detected. One application is sufficient.

Sugar Beet – Tortoise Beetles: Both its larvae and adults damage sugar beets. In the spring, great damage may occur in hot areas and the leaves can be completely destroyed.

Other Informations

Compatibility: Can be mixed with other insecticides. A preliminary test is recommended before mixing with other crop protection products.

Detailed Table Information

Name of the product Plant Name Pest Name Usage dose Time between last spraying and harvest
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Olive
Olive fruit fly(Bactrocera oleae)
25 ml/100 l water 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Sugar Beet
Tortois beetles (Cassida spp.)
20 ml/da 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Cotton
Cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera)
200 ml/da larva 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Corn
Corn moth (Ostrinia nubilalis)
3 sprayings at 40 ml/da, every 15 days, with an interval of 15 days (spraying starts when the first egg is detected) 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Corn
Corn stalk borer(Sesamia nonagrioides)
3 sprayings at 40 ml/da, every 15 days, with an interval of 15 days (spraying starts when the first egg is detected) 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Cereals
Sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps)
15 ml/da 1-3 periods and 4-5 periods new generation adults 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Cereals
Cereal weevil (Pachytychius hordei)
15 ml/da 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Hazelnut
Hazelnut weevil (Curcilio nucum)
40 ml/da 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Apple
Codling moth(Cydia pomonella)
20 ml/100 lt.water 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Apple
Apple ermine moth (Yponomeuta malinellus)
15 ml/100 lt.water 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Tomato
Cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera)
50 ml/da 14 days
Süper Hektamethrin 100 EC Vineyard Wingless weevil 30 ml/100 l water 7 days

Additional information



Product Group

Crop Protection

Plant Name

Apple, Cereals, Corn, Cotton, Hazelnut, Olive, Sugar Beet, Tomato, Vineyard

Name Of The Agency

Apple ermine moth (Yponomeuta malinellus), Cereal weevil (Pachytychius hordei), Codling moth (Cydia pomonella), Corn moth (Ostrinia nubilalis), Corn stalk borer (Sesamia nonagrioides), Cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera), Hazelnut weevil (Curcilio nucum), Olive fruit fly(Bactrocera oleae), Sunn pest (Eurygaster integriceps), Tortois beetles (Cassida spp.), Wingless weevil

Active Substance

100 gram/l Alphacypermethrin


EC (Emulsion concentrate)


1 liter