Shako-Cop 5 E

Shako-Cop 5 E

Category : Fungicides

Product Group : Crop Protection

Active Ingredient : Copper salts of fatty and rosin acids equivalent to 51.4 g/l metallic copper

Formulation : Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)

Package : 1 L

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An organic copper fungicide in liquid formulation which readily mixes with water and is used for management of fungal diseases in vineyards, fields and cultivation of fruits and vegetables. Since the particles are small, it covers the leaf surfaces very well, and there is no need to use extra spreader-sticker as it is already present in its content. In this way, it adheres to the surface of the leaves very well. A wide-spectrum fungicide approved by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) which is highly protective and used for management of fungal and bacterial diseases.

Method of Application

Shot hole disease in apricot: (Winter-Spring spraying) Dormant period, normal period 1st Spraying: Right after defoliation in autumn. (Dormant stage) 500 ml/100 l water 2nd Spraying: In spring, before the buds open. (Normal stage) 250 ml/100 l water 3rd Spraying: During the stage of sepal and stamen differentiation in fruits (Normal stage) 250 ml/100 l
Brown spot of citrus fruits: The administrations are started when the shoots start to develop, when they are about 5-10 cm long and the first signs of disease appear by considering development of shoot and climatic characteristics. Especially for protecting the newly formed parts of the growing shoots and leaves and young fruit from the disease during the development of the shoot, administrations are continued at 15-20 days intervals. The administrations are discontinued when development of shoot stops, rainfalls reduce and temperatures increase and fruit reaches almost 4 cm diameter.
Leaf spot disease in olive: Marmara Region: 1st Spraying: In autumn when olives reach normal size, while fruits are green (October). 2nd spraying: At the spring period when the trees have not yet blossomed (April). In Aegean and Mediterranean Regions: 1st spraying: Dormant stage before trees grow offshoots (Aegean Region: February – March, In the Mediterranean Region: 1st administration: After harvest, 2nd administration: Immediately before seeing spring shoots, 3rd administration: After the flower pots become clear, it should be made before blooming of flowers.
For mildew and early leaf blight in tomato, spraying is started once conditions are favorable for disease or first disease signs appear and application is repeated at 10-12-day intervals as long as weather conditions continue being suitable for disease.
For bacterial speck of tomato; once disease appears in the seedbed or field, green parts should be sprayed for protection purposes once a week during the seedling stage and 2-3 times at 8-10 day intervals during the field stage. The number of applications can be increased in greenhouses.
Mildew in tomato: Spraying is started when brown spots with a diameter of 3-5 mm are noticed on the tomato leaves, with a white ash-like conidial layer on the lower surface.
Dead arm in vineyard: Summer spraying is carried out. 1st, 2nd and 3rd sprayings are done when the offshoots have a length of 2-3 cm, 8-10 cm, and 25-30 cm, respectively.
Mildew in vineyard: Spraying is started when offshoots are 25-30 cm in length on average. It is repeated 3-4 times with 2-week intervals.

Other Informations


It can be used by mixing with many pesticides except for the products containing dodine.

Detailed Table Information

*Cannot be used in vineyards where vines are grown for consumption purposes.
Shako-Cop 5 E Apricot Shot hole of stone fruit 500 ml / 100 L water (Dormant period), 250 ml / 100 L water (Normal period) 7 Days
Shako-Cop 5 E Citrus Fruits Brown spot disease 300 ml / 100 L Water 7 Days
Shako-Cop 5 E Olive Leaf spot disease 350 ml / 100 L Water 7 Days
Shako-Cop 5 E Tomato Early leaf blight 200 ml / da 7 Days
Shako-Cop 5 E Tomato Bacterial speck disease 200 ml / da 7 Days
Shako-Cop 5 E Tomato Mildew 200 ml / da 7 Days
Shako-Cop 5 E Vineyard Dead arm 200 ml / 100 L water (Summer spraying only) 7 Days
Shako-Cop 5 E Vineyard Mildew 200 ml / 100 L Water 7 Days

Additional information

Product Group

Crop Protection

Active Substance

Copper salts of fatty and rosin acids equivalent to 51.4 g/l metallic copper


Emulsifiable concentrate (EC)


1 liter

Plant Name

Apricot, Citrus Fruits, Olive, Tomato, Vineyard

Name Of The Agency

-Brown spot disease, -Mildew, -Shot hole of stone fruit, Bacterial speck disease (Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato), Dead arm, Early leaf blight, Leaf spot disease