Category : Fumigants and Nematicides

Product Group : Crop Protection

Active Ingredient : 510 g/L Metam Potasyum

Formulation : SL (Water-soluble concentrate)

Package : 25 lt

Label Information  Safety Datasheet



ROTABENT® is an effective soil fumigant against soil borne diseases, subsoil pests, nematodes and weed seeds. After applying, it turns into gas and disinfects the soil with the gas released. In order to get the best results, the soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm should be between 10-25°C, sufficient soil moisture should be found, good soil tillage should be done and vegetative residues, roots, leaves, etc. should be kept in the soil. should not exist.

Method of Application

First, the greenhouse soil is plowed at a depth of 25-30 cm and made smooth and without clods. Before the application, the soil moisture should be at the required rate during planting. The soil temperature at a depth of 10 cm should be 10 -25C. Temperatures below 10°C cause slower degradation of Methane and Potassium, while temperatures above 25°C cause the gas to evaporate, in this case it is recommended to cover the soil with a plastic sheet. ROTABENT® should be applied to a soil depth of 20-25 cm. The application can be made by drip irrigation or by injection into the soil. ROTABENT® should be applied while the soil is still empty 3-4 weeks before planting or planting. After a waiting period of 15-21 days, after removing the plastic covers, the soil should be plowed and ventilated for 5-6 days before sowing/planting to blow off the remaining gas.

Other Informations

Miscibility: It cannot be mixed with other drugs.

Detailed Table Information

Rotabent Tomato (greenhouse) Wilt and root rot disease 100 L/da

Additional information

Active Substance

510 g/L Metam Potasyum


25 liters


SL (Water-soluble concentrate)

Plant Name

Tomatoes (Greenhouse)

Name Of The Agency

Wilt and root rot disease