Category : Insecticides

Product Group : Plant Protection

Active Ingredient: 240 g/l Thiamethoxam

Formulation : SC (Suspension concentrate)

Packaging : 1 lt, 500 ml, 100 ml

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The active substance of Pusula, thiamethoxam is a systemic substance which is both a contact and stomach poison for pests and acts upon the nervous system of insects. The active substance is absorbed by green parts and rapidly transported to cotyledon, new offshoots and leaves.

Method of Application

Tomato (greenhouse), Pepper (greenhouse), Cucumber (greenhouse): The pesticide is applied to the root area of the plants with the drip irrigation system. Roots should be soaked by normal irrigation before chemigation. After determining the amount of water required to irrigate one decare, required amount of pesticide is added to the chemigation tank and drip irrigation system is operated to apply the pesticide. When chemigation ends, water should be run for a reasonable period to clean any residual pesticide in the pipes. To calibrate the drip irrigation system, water is run through the irrigation pipes and flow rates of the first and last 3 nozzles are measured. The deviation should not exceed 10%. In tomato, pepper and cucumber, the area detected to be contaminated with whitefly against tobacco whitefly is entered from the direction of diagonal. In every five steps, 50 leaves are collected from the lower, middle and upper leaves. When there are 5 larvae+pupa per leaf, chemical management is administered.

Other Informations

Compatibility: If Pusula® will be used as a tank mixture, pesticides with water soluble bags (WSB) are added into the sprayers tank before Pusula®. Bags dissolve completely; pesticides disperse. Then Pusula® is added into the tank. Pusula® can be mixed with many commonly used pesticides. However, a physical compatibility test is recommended in case of any doubt, since its compatibility is not known with all pesticides.

Detailed Table Information

Name of the product Plant Name Pest Name Usage dose Time between last spraying and harvest
Pusula Cucumber (Greenhouse)
White fly(Bemisia tabaci)
100 ml/da adult, larva (drip irrigation) 3 days
Pusula Tomato (Greenhouse)
White fly(Bemisia tabaci)
100 ml/da adult, larva (drip irrigation) 5 days
Pusula Pepper (Greenhouse)
White fly (Bemisia tabaci)
100 ml/da adult, larva (drip irrigation) 5 days

Additional information

Product Group

Crop Protection

Active Substance

240 gram/l Thiamethoxam


Suspension concentrate (SC)


1 liter, 100 milliliters, 500 milliliters

Plant Name

Cucumber (Greenhouse), Pepper (Greenhouse), Tomato (greenhouse)

Name Of The Agency

White fly(Bemisia tabaci)