Category : Plant Nutrition

Product Group : Leaf Fertilizer


Water-soluble Calcium oxide (CaO): 15.6

Water-soluble Boron (B): 0.1

Compatibility: Mixing can be done by making a preliminary trial. It can be mixed with many pesticides.


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Calcium Chloride Solution

It is a high-resolution liquid calcium prepared to eliminate calcium deficiency and strengthen cell walls in vegetables and fruits. It is a buffer solution prepared for plant safety, containing calcium and boron that can be dissolved in 0 ratio. Calcium is the building block of cell membranes and walls. It plays an important role in cell division, development and protection of cells from toxins. It delays aging.

Boron is required for sugar translocation, contribution to fruit development and pollination in the plant. The plant receives the plant nutrients it needs completely even at low application doses. Thanks to its free fluid form; It provides convenience in tank mixes and spraying.

Method Of Application

Shake the package well before use. The recommended dose of Pitstop plus is put into the tank 2/3 of which is filled with water, while mixing continues, the missing water is completed and spraying is started. It should be used within the same day, diluted fertilizer should not be kept.

Detailed Table Information

Product Name Plant Name
Pitstop Plus® CaB Vegetable
Pitstop Plus® CaB Fruit

Additional information

Product Group

Plant Nutrition

Water Soluble (CaO)


Water Soluble Boron (B)


Plant Name

Fruit, Vegetables