Mocap 10 G

Category : Fumigants and Nematicides

Product Group : Crop Protection

Active Ingredient : %10 Ethoprophos

Formulation :GR (Granule)

Package : 5 kg

Label Information  Safety Datasheet



It is a nematocide-insecticide with contact and stomach poisoning effect. It kills nematodes and insects when applied to the soil.

Method of Application

In vegetables: After a good soil tillage, it should be sprinkled homogeneously by hand by wearing a granule applicator, fertilizer machine or rubber gloves, at the given dose, immediately or 1-2 days before planting the seedlings in the field. Then, by tilling the soil or giving enough water, 15-20 cm of the drug. should be deeply involved. Since the drug binds to the soil within 5-6 hours, application and soil mixing should be done on the same day. Since MOCAP 10 G controls other underground pests on the ground when applied, there is no need for a separate struggle.

In the Vineyard: When establishing a new vineyard, the soil or mortar to be filled in the sapling pit should be mixed with MOCAP 10 G at the given dose. In established vineyards, it should be sprinkled homogeneously around the vineyard, hoeed and water should be given to the depth where the larvae operate without waiting.

Other Informations

Miscibility: Since it is applied as soil spraying, it cannot be mixed with other drugs.

Detailed Table Information

Mocap 10 G Vegetables
Root knot nematodes (Meloidogyne spp.)
10 kg/da The day the seedlings will be transplanted or 1-2 days before
Mocap 10 G Bond*
Manas (Polyphylla fullo)
7,5 gr/vine during planting or before the damage starts in the spring in established vineyards

Additional information

Active Substance

Ethoprophos % 10


5 k g


Granule (GR)

Name Of The Agency

Root knot nematodes ( Meloidogyne spp.)

Plant Name

Bond*, Vegetables