Hekvidor 600 FS

Hekvidor 600 FS

Category : Insecticides

Product Group : Plant Protection

Active Ingredient: 600 g/l Imidacloprid

Formulation : FS (Fluent concentrate for seed spraying)

Packaging : 1lt, 5 lt, 100 ml, 2 ml

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An insecticide used for seed treatment in sugar beet, corn and potato.

Method of Application

Corn: Required amount of pesticide for 100 kg seeds is mixed well with 1 liter water; half of it is mixed with the seeds laid on a nylon sheet placed on a flat surface; then the other half is added and mixed well again. The same procedure applies for pesticide barrels. After treatment, seeds are spread out and aerated. They mat be sown immediately after moisture is reduced or stored until sowing time. Seed vigor is reduced if stored with moisture.

Potato: Seed potatoes are spread out on a flat and hard surface. The amount of pesticide recommended for 100 kg seeds is added to 1-1.5 l water in a bucket, mixed well and transferred to the sprayer. Half of this mixture is sprayed onto seed potatoes and a shovel is used to turn them upside down. The other half of the mixture is sprayed and the procedure is completed. Care should be exercised to ensure that the amount of water is enough to soak the seeds but does not drip away. Sowing is possible right after treatment or the seeds can be bagged after moisture dries or wait a few days in bulk state. Rubber gloves should be worn during treatment, bagging and sewing.

Sugar beet: Due to the sensitivity of sugar beet seeds against moisture and in order to achieve precise treatment, seed processing and treatment factories have professional treatment equipment, where the volume of pesticide mixture to be applied depends on type of equipment, other substances used in mixture and drying facilities. Therefore, instructions for the current seed treatment equipment should be followed.

Other Informations

Compatibility: A trial mix is recommended before large-volume mix preparation.

Detailed Table Information

Name of the product Plant Name Pest Name Usage dose
Hekvidor 600 FS Sugar Beet
Sugar beet flea beetles(Collembola)
1,5 l /100 kg seed
Hekvidor 600 FS Sugar Beet
Sugar beet flea beetles(Chaetocnema spp.)
1,5 lt. /100 kg seed
Hekvidor 600 FS Sugar Beet
Wireworms (Agriotes spp.)
1,5 lt. /100 kg seed
Hekvidor 600 FS Sugar Beet
Sugar beet flea beetles(Diplopoda)
1,5 l /100 kg seed
Hekvidor 600 FS Potato
Wireworms(Agriotes spp.)
35 ml/100 kg seed, larva
Hekvidor 600 FS Potato
Potato Beetle(Leptinotarsa decemlineata)
12,5 ml/100 kg seed
Hekvidor 600 FS Corn
Wireworms (Agriotes spp.)
600 ml/100 kg seed

Additional information

Product Group

Plant Protection

Active Substance

600 g/l Imidacloprid_


FS (Fluent concentrate for seed spraying)

Plant Name

Corn, Potato, Sugar Beet

Name Of The Agency

Potato beetle(Leptinotarsa decemlineata), Sugar beet flea beetles(Chaetocnema spp.), Sugar beet flea beetles(Collembola), Sugar beet flea beetles(Diplopoda), Wireworms (Agriotes spp.)