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The Fresh Paty® Health Indicator, which you will sprinkle on your cat litter, can warn you about many possible health problems such as cystitis, stones in the bladder and urinary tract, and infections in your cat.

Method of Application

Sprinkle Fresh Paty® Health Indicator on your cat litter. After your cat uses the toilet bowl, compare the color in the area where the urine comes into contact with the colors in the table. Normally, the colors should be light or dark yellow tones. If a color different from these colors has occurred, put the abnormal colored sand in a bag and consult your veterinarian immediately! If your cat has a habit of digging the litter before urinating, pour the product into an empty litter box and distribute it evenly for the Fresh Paty® Health Indicator test. After observing the resulting colors, you can fill the litter box with your regular litter and continue using it. If you have more than one cat, make sure that the cats use separate litter boxes for the Fresh Paty® Health Indicator test. After performing the color change test, you can continue using the Fresh Paty® Health Indicator grains by mixing them with the rest of the sand to eliminate odors.

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