Flutick %1

Flutick %1

Category : Antiparasites

Product Group : Animal Health

Animal Type : Cattle, sheep

Commercial Presentation: It is presented in 500 ml plastic bottles without a box.

Active Ingredient: 10 mg/ml flumethrin

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Method of Application

FLUTICK 1% Bulk Solution is a yellow clear oily solution.


FLUTICK 1% Pouring Solution, treatment and control of common infestations caused by biting flies, sucking and stinging lice (Haemotopinus sternus, Linognathus vituli, Bavicola bovis, B. ovis, Melophagus ovinus), ticks, scabies and other external parasites in cattle and sheep. used for the purpose. Highly susceptible ectoparasite varieties include Amblyoma spp., Boophilus spp., Hyaloma spp., Rhipicephalus spp., Ixoides ricinus, Dermacentor spp. such as ticks and scabies, Psoroptes scabies.


Unless recommended otherwise by the veterinarian;
The cap of the plastic bottle is opened, the bottle is slightly squeezed so that the solution is filled into the upper compartment. Then the animal’s wither
It is applied by pouring starting from the region of the tail to the tailbone. FLUTICK 1% will be at a dose of 1 ml/10 kg body weight
administered in the following practical doses.


Live Weight Dose (ml)
100 kg 10 ml
100-200 kg 20 ml
200-300 kg 30 ml
300-400 kg 40 ml
400+ kg 50 ml


FLUTICK is used in two ways at %1 sheep.
a) It is applied to newly sheared sheep, starting from the withers area as in cattle, by pouring it up to the tailbone. If the fleece of the animals is long, it is used by opening the fleece on the back by hand and pouring it over the leather part that is opened in the form of a line.
b) Another method of use in sheep is as follows: It is used by sitting on the back of the animal, by pouring the drug on as many places as possible, on the bare parts without fleece between the front legs and hind legs and on the sides of the abdomen.
A 5 ml plastic syringe is sufficient to use the medicine as described above. The desired dose of drug drawn into the syringe is administered to the animals as described above.


Live Weight Dose (ml)
10 kg 1 ml
15 kg 1.5 ml
20 kg 2 ml
30 kg 3 ml
40 kg 4 ml
50 kg 5 ml

Note: If there is scabies and lice in cattle, sheep, then twice the doses mentioned above are applied.

Since the drug, which is applied at once, can be protective against ticks for 4-6 weeks, it is applied again in the same doses at the end of the specified periods, depending on the type and intensity of the infestation, when necessary. In the fight against sucking and stinging lice and Psoroptes scabies, a one-time application is sufficient for control. If the drug is applied as soon as the first mature tick appears on the animal at the beginning of the tick season, the effect lasts for 6 to 8 weeks.

Additional information

Product Group

Animal Health

Animal Type

Cattle, Sheep

Commercial Presentation

It is presented in 500 ml plastic bottles without a box.

Active Ingredient

10 mg/ ml flumethrin

Live Weight

10 k g, 100-200 k g, 15 k g, 20 k g, 200-300 k g, 30 k g, 300-400 k g, 40 k g, 400+ k g, 50 k g

Dose (ml)

1 m l, 1,5 m l, 10 m l, 2 m l, 20 m l, 3 m l, 30 m l, 4 m l, 40 m l, 5 m l, 50 m l