Category : Fungicides

Product Group : Crop Protection

Formulation : Suspension concentrate (SC)

Packaging : 1L

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A systemic triazole fungicide. Absorbed by the plant shortly after spraying and exerts its action by entering the sap. Not affected by precipitation. Only used against rust in wheat.

Method Of Application

Sugar beet leaf spot: Spraying should be started once the first signs of disease are seen in order to fight against diseases successfully and get high yield. In cereals, management of rust diseases with pesticides should be started once the rust pustules appear. Field sprayers used for spraying should have a minimum pressure of 2.1 atm and at least 25 l water should be applied per decare. Leaf spot of sugar beet: When cercospora leaf spot is observed in 5% of mature leaves of sugar beet, the first administration is started. It should be continued at 15-20 day intervals.

Rust diseases in wheat (Yellow rust, brown rust, black rust): Applications should be started when disease symptoms (pustules) are seen. Green parts are applied against rust factors. The application should be made so that the surface of the leaves and stem is covered with the mixture. If the conditions are suitable for the development of the disease, a second application can be made, taking into account the effect time of the product. Since the plant enters the maturation period one month before the harvest, it should not be applied.

Other Informations


Before mixing Captan with Maneb plant protection products, a premix test should be done.

Detailed Table Information

Name of the product Plant Name Agent Name Usage dose Time between last spraying and harvest

Sugar beet

Sugar beet leaf spot (Cercospora beticola)
25 ml / da 35 day


Yellow Rust (Puccina striiformis)
50 ml / da 30 day


Black Rust (P. graminis tritici)

50 ml / da 30 day


Brown Rust (Puccinia recondita tritici )

50 ml / da 30 day

Additional information

Product Group

Crop Protection


Suspension concentrate (SC)


1 liter

Plant Name

Sugar Beet, Wheat

Name Of The Agency

Black Rust (P. graminis tritici), Brown Rust (Puccinia recondita tritici ), Sugar beet leaf spot (Cercospora beticola), Yellow Rust (Puccina striiformis)

Active Substance

250 g/l Flutriafol_