Supa Link

Category : Molluscisite and Others

Product Group : Plant Protection

Active Ingredient: 42% Carboxylic acid

Packaging : 1 l, 400 ml

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It is a 100% natural (organic) product obtained from citrus and pineapple. The good distribution and adhesion of the effective substances of the pesticides all over the plants increases the success expected from the pesticides. Buds in fruit trees, plants with hairy and oily surfaces cannot always be sprayed as desired. Because the drug cannot hold on these surfaces and flows. As a result, all parts of the plants cannot be sprayed in the same way, which brings problems such as phytotoxicity or low biological effect. It is possible to prevent such adverse conditions by using a spreading adhesive such as Supa Link. Supa Link prevents staining on fruits and ornamental plants after spraying. Thanks to Supa Link, drugs can be delivered to the fruits and flowers of plants in the form of a uniform and thin film layer. Thus, staining of pesticides is prevented and quality is increased. It is also used to remove the hardness of water and lower its pH, to minimize the problems in drug mixtures. It is harmless to bees.

Method of Application

Supa Link is used by mixing with insecticide, fungicide and foliar fertilizers. Generally, 200 ml is mixed with 100 liters of water. When used with herbicides, up to 400 ml of Supa Link can be mixed into one decare of pesticide solution.

Other Informations

Compatibility : Supa Link should not be mixed with Bordeaux Slurry, copper preparations and calcium sulfate.

Additional information

Product Group

Plant Protection


1 l, 400 m