Dimilin SC 48

Dimilin SC 48

Category : Insecticides

Product Group : Plant Protection

Active Ingredient: 480 g/l Diflubenzuron

Formulation : SC (Suspension concentrate)

Packaging : 250 ml

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A contact insecticide with digestive system action and ovicidal properties. The concentration in moles of the compound prevents the formation of chitin synthesis. Dimilin SC 48 is an insecticide known as an insect growth regulator which has a long-term effective period against eggs, nymphs and larvaes. The medicine prevents the opening of insect eggs by destroying their embryos. Also, since it prevents the formation of chitin substance on the skin during skin change of insect larvae and nymphs, it is an IGR (Insect Growth Inhibitor) that kills insect development before completion. It is a specific medicine that is protecting natural balance, harmless to beneficial insects and parasites and is suitable for IPM programs. It is decomposed very quickly in nature; it has no permanence in soil and water.

Method of Application

For cotton leaf worm; spraying should be started when 0.5 larvae per plant or 2 egg packages or 2 new dehiscences (January) are observed in 25 plants. Spraying should be made when the larvae just hatch, that is before the sowing machine is not dispersed yet.

For pear leaf miner; management is started in the period of scarlet pimpernel and in the period when most of the flower petals are shed. 2nd and 3rd spraying is continued depending on the density of population.

In the management of codling moth; inspections and counts in sexual pheromone traps in each progeny are considered to start spraying. Spraying is started in the light of flying of butterfly, biology of pests, phenologic condition of trees and information obtained from publishers.

In the management of apple ermine moth; single spraying is made when apple ermine moth larvae leaves leaf epidermis, and starts to make their first net.

Other Informations

Compatibility: Can be applied with other pesticides with the same types of formulations.

Detailed Table Information

Name of the product Plant Name Pest Name Usage dose Time between last spraying and harvest
Dimilin SC 48 Cotton
Cotton leaf worm (Spodoptera littoralis)
30 ml/ da 14 day
Dimilin SC 48 Apple
Codling moth (Cydia pomonella)
20 ml/ 100 lt. water 14 day
Dimilin SC 48 Apple
Apple ermine moth (Hyponomeuta malinellus)
20 ml/ 100 lt.water 14 day
Dimilin SC 48 Apple
Pear leaf miner(Leucoptera scitella) *
20 ml/ 100 lt.water 14 day
Dimilin SC 48 Pear
Pear psylla (Cacopsylla pyri)
25 ml+50 ml Spreader Adhesive (Hektovet) /100 L water 14 day

Additional information

Product Group

Crop Protection

Active Substance

480 gram/l Diflubenzuron


SC (Suspension concentrate)



Plant Name

Apple, Cotton, Pear

Name Of The Agency

Apple ermine moth (Hyponomeuta malinellus), Codling moth (Cydia pomonella), Cotton leaf worm (Spodoptera littoralis), Pear leaf miner(Leucoptera scitella) *, Pear psylla (Cacopsylla pyri)