"Traceable Safe Food Platform" Period Begins in Turkey in Cooperation with CarrefourSA and Hektaş


CarrefourSA, which says that the manufacturer and the product are the right, has signed a partnership with HEKTAŞ, the leading brand of the agricultural sector, and launched the Traceable Safe Food Platform application in its markets.

With HEKTAŞ Traceable Safe Food Application, CarrefourSA customers can learn where, when, under what conditions and analysis reports are produced thanks to the QR Code in vegetable products in the aisles.

Sabanci Holding and Carrefour Group subsidiary CarrefourSA became the first market in Turkey to implement the Traceable Safe Food Platform project developed by HEKTAŞ, one of oyak food, agriculture and livestock companies.

Aiming to support sustainable agriculture and bring the correct product to its customers, CarrefourSA has launched a safe shopping period in food with the HEKTAŞ Traceable Safe Food Platform, which ensures that the vegetables in its aisles are traceable, reliable and continuously grown to a certain standard.

QR Code can learn the location, time and upbringing conditions of the product

With the application, CarrefourSA customers will be able to access all residue analysis from accredited organizations instantly with producer knowledge, place, time and growing conditions thanks to the QR Code on the vegetable products in the aisles. The first products within the scope of the cooperation met with customers at CarrefourSA’sİstinye Hiper, Fulya Hiper, Metropol Hiper, Anadoluhisarı Gourmet and MKM Gourmet markets.

We experience the concept of truth to our customers

Commenting on the issue, CarrefourSA General Manager Kutay Kartallıoğlustated: “As CarrefourSA, we have been working for many years to identify the right products for hundreds of thousands of our customers every day and to obtain them from the right suppliers who do their job with care. By cooperating with HEKTAŞ Traceable Safe Food Platform, we take our rhetoric one step further and offer our customers the opportunity to learn where and how the vegetable products they buy are grown and the results of their monthly analysis reports. We enable our customers to consume vegetable products that do not contain any residues. When we look at the researches in this field, 87 percent of customers want to know the production location of the products they buy. As a member of the platform, we fulfill our promise to make our customers experience the concept of truth, which is our mission. In this context, we are happy to sign a first in Turkey. As a leading brand in food retailing, we will continue to make the firsts.”

HEKTAŞ Traceable Safe Food Platform with Blockchain Infrastructure Provides Safe and Irrevocable Information to the Consumer

Levent Ortakçıer, Oyak Food, Agriculture and Livestock Group President and General Manager of HEKTAŞ regarding the Traceable Safe Food Platform and new collaborations, said: “We are happy to bring our traceable products produced in smart greenhouses using high technology under the assurance of HEKTAŞ to the consumer at CarrefourSA first. With this project, we develop systems on intelligent agricultural technologies supported by artificial intelligence to enable producers to produce more efficiently, while also using blockchain technology to increase the agricultural literacy of consumers by drawing attention to food safety. The platform also enables to remotely monitor the development of crops and possible adverse situations in the greenhouses produced through sensors, and to prevent loss of yield with quick and accurate intervention. Thus, by ensuring that our producers are affected at a minimum level by adverse conditions, it allows us to take important steps in sustainable agricultural production while protecting their interests.”

Ortakçıer said that HEKTAŞ was the first company to use blockchain technology in the agricultural sector together with the Traceable Safe Food Platform: “With blockchain technology, stakeholders in the agricultural sector can monitor all stages of the journey of each product in the supply chain from soil to table, all inputs used and applications made by the manufacturer. The fact that the information in blockchain technology cannot be changed also guarantees that consumers have access to the right information. We will continue our efforts to expand this new technology, which has a special importance especially in agriculture, in our country.”

The Goal is the Right Manufacturer and the Right Product

With membership in the platform, CarrefourSAaims to provide its customers with vegetable products produced under the right conditions by classing the crops of farmers who produce with domestic seeds as traceable. CarrefourSA,which takes care to do the right thing for nature, will offer these products to its customers with environmentally friendly paper plates.

Farmers Make Clearer Decisions

The products produced within the scope of the platform are monitored with smart greenhouse systems. With the system, internal and external environment data in the greenhouse, soil and plant status, climatic conditions, analysis of the data obtained can be controlled and managed. Thanks to buyers in indoor and outdoor environments, farmers are given the opportunity to make more precise and appropriate decisions going forward in situations such as meteorological events.

About CarrefourSA

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HEKTAŞ is one of the leading brands of turkey’s plant protection sector and manufactures, sells and marketing more than 400 plant protection, plant feeding, seed, animal health and pet food products in accordance with Turkey’s ecological structure and product diversity. Hektaş, which has a history of 64 years, develops its existing product range and offers products that respect people, environment and nature and are suitable for sustainable agricultural practices in line with the needs and expectations of producers.