HEKTAŞ continues its investments in the seed field. “Seed Technology Center” of HEKTAŞ was opened.

The “Seed Technology Center” of Areo Tohumculuk, the center of seed studies of HEKTAŞ, the pioneer of smart agriculture, in Antalya Technopolis has been put into service. Areo Tohumculuk, which will provide significant benefits to producers with the center where Biotechnology and Tissue Culture Laboratories are located, also aims to add value to the country’s […]

HEKTAŞ won the 2020 Grand Prize

HEKTAŞ won the 2020 Grand Prize Organized by Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO), ’13. IN the organization of the Sectoral Performance Evaluation Award Ceremony, HEKTAŞ, one of oyak agricultural livestock companies, was awarded the “Grand Prize” in the Large Scale Organization Category for its sustainable success in the sector, growth rate, R&D activities and export […]


HEKTAŞ IS AMONG THE COMPANIES THAT SPEND THE MOST R&D! HEKTAŞ ranked 24th in fortune turkey’s ranking of “Companies that spend the most R&D compared to sales revenue in the first 6 months of 2020”. “In its responsibility as a OYAK group company, we believe that the future of our country and agriculture will be […]

HEKTAŞ took its place among the giants, rising 80 places in the ISO 500 list

HEKTAŞ took its place among the giants, rising 80 places in the ISO 500 list HEKTAŞ, one of the companies of OYAK Agricultural Livestock Group, ranked for the second time this year in the “Turkey’s 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises” survey organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). HEKTAŞ climbed 80 places to 382nd place […]

Our goal is to become a global player

Our goal is to become a global player OYAK Agricultural Livestock Group President and General Manager of Hektaş M. Levent Ortakçıer explained the sustainable success of HEKTAŞ in an interview published in Capital Magazine.

HEKTAŞ Smart Kids Magazine 3. Issued

The 3rd issue of Hektaş Smart Children’s Magazine is again full of content on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Parliament. We are taking part in our digital media within the scope of the measures taken due to the epidemic this year in our journal, which we deliver by hand to the children […]


HEKTAŞ SMART AGRICULTURE TAX 5. NUMBER OUT The 5th issue of the Journal of Smart Agriculture prepared by Hektaş, the Pioneer of Smart Agriculture, for its stakeholders and business partners was published every six months. Each issue contains full content in the new issue of Smart Agriculture Magazine, which informs producers and Hektaş’s business partners […]

HEKTAŞ to Produce Turkey’s First Registered Siyez Wheat

12,000-year-old seeds Ata Siyez and Mergüze are claimed by HEKTAŞ HEKTAŞ, Turkey’s first registered siyez wheat pioneer HEKTAŞ, which is genetically considered the world’s first wheat, is preparing to produce the seeds of Ata Siyez and Mergüze. HEKTAŞ, which will start producing Turkey’s first registered siyez wheat, which was announced last April, aims to start […]

HEKTAŞ Focuses on Seed Breeding

  OYAK Agricultural Livestock Group company HEKTAŞ continues its strategic moves in line with its long-term growth goals. HEKTAŞ, which carries out R&D studies within the scope of domestic seed production, purchased the right to produce and sell the Pehlivan07 hybrid silage corn variety from the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies of the […]

Fuel campaign participation requirements worth 100 TL from TOTAL to 100 manufacturers who downloaded Hektaş Smart Assistant app application

This campaign was organized on behalf of HEKTAS TICARET T.A.S. on behalf of the TARGET Lottery with the permission of MPİ dated 05.08.2020 and numbered 24951361-255.05.02-E.6030. 11.08.2020 Time: 00.01 – 11.09.2020 Time:23:59, Agricultural Producers who download the new version of Hektaş’s Hektaş Smart Assistant app application free of charge to their smartphones with iOS or […]

"Traceable Safe Food Platform" Period Begins in Turkey in Cooperation with CarrefourSA and Hektaş

  CarrefourSA, which says that the manufacturer and the product are the right, has signed a partnership with HEKTAŞ, the leading brand of the agricultural sector, and launched the Traceable Safe Food Platform application in its markets. With HEKTAŞ Traceable Safe Food Application, CarrefourSA customers can learn where, when, under what conditions and analysis reports […]

Biogübre production project from HEKTAŞ and TAGEM to be used in the production of dry breads biogübre

Within the scope of hektaş’s project titled “Development of Biogübre Formulations containing Phosphor Solvent Microbial Culture” carried out with the technical and scientific support of the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (TAGEM) and Sivas University of Science and Technology, it was proved for the first time that decommissioned dry breads can be used […]