Fuel campaign participation requirements worth 100 TL from TOTAL to 100 manufacturers who downloaded Hektaş Smart Assistant app application

This campaign was organized on behalf of HEKTAS TICARET T.A.S. on behalf of the TARGET Lottery with the permission of MPİ dated 05.08.2020 and numbered 24951361-255.05.02-E.6030. 11.08.2020 Time: 00.01 – 11.09.2020 Time:23:59, Agricultural Producers who download the new version of Hektaş’s Hektaş Smart Assistant app application free of charge to their smartphones with iOS or Android operating system, enter their first name, e-mail, provincial and district information and fill out the necessary information will be given 1 raffle right. Participations made through the Hektaş Smart Assistant application are free of charge. The draw will be held on 14.09.2020 at 10:00. Winners will be published on the www.hektas.com.tr site on 15.09.2020. Agricultural Producers who win the lottery must present the “Farmer’s Certificate” issued by the Agriculture Chamber with their IDs and/or the Farmer Registration System Certificate issued by the Agricultural Provincial and District Directorates. Winners can use their bonuses until 30.06.2021. The winners of the lottery will receive a code by sms to their phone number for 100 TL worth of fuel. When they present these codes to TOTAL stations, they will be able to get 100 TL worth of fuel for free. Responsibility for the up-to-dateness and accuracy of the phone number belongs to the participants in the campaign. The codes apply to Excellium Unleaded 95′, Eurodiesel, Excellium Eurodiesel and Totalgaz products. The campaign is valid at all TOTAL stations in Turkey that are members of Club TOTAL. One person cannot win more than one bonus. Even if he wins, he’s not given a bonus. The campaign is for individual customers. Legal entities cannot participate in the campaign. Even if they participated and won, they are not awarded bonuses. During the participation in the lottery, responsibility will not be accepted due to problems and damages that may arise from the participants’ computers, internet access and any technical glitches (low internet speed, disconnection, lack of proper program, etc.) and unauthorized access to such computers, etc. Target The Campaign T.A.S.ve HEKTAS TRADE. And the Organ. Speed. Ltd. Sti. employees and those under the age of 18 cannot participate, and even if they have participated and won, their bonuses cannot be awarded. The winning bonus cannot be transferred, cashed or converted into goods. Tax and other legal obligations other than VAT+SCT, which are included in the price of the goods and/or service subject to the bonus, are paid by the winners. Everyone involved in this campaign is deemed to have accepted all the above terms. Hektaş reserves the right to stop, end and make changes within the scope of the campaign.